“If you had space just for one last image in your mobile phone or in your camera, which one would it be?”

Last Frame Project has been part of the Photo Therapy Day 2020 Online, supported by the Royal Photographic Society and the GRIFO Photo – Therapy research group.

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Last Frame Project is a
Psycho-Social Experiment which explores the territory of finitude using the expressive medium of photography.

The idea of stimulating people to think about the end of something, such as a film or a photographic memory, arises from what is the deleterious tendency of refusing the existence of an end, a tendency that leads often to a lack of awareness in living life itself.

Not only the last moments are part of the rest, but they often help to determine the meaning of the whole story, as for example the last photo of a series or the last frame of a film.

When the 24 shots of a film were still counted, photography helped us to define a start and and end. Today this function is lost, being the digital photographic memory in a direction of infinity, deleting the limiting value of what it was the last shot.

But if we had to think about what we would like to be our last image, what would it be?

It is an image that we have already taken or that we have yet to capture?

Could this be a click awareness exercise?

It could make us understand something about the purpose of photography, perhaps different for each of us.